Wu Wei: Journey of the Changing Path

Created by Gray Wolf Games (Justin Waggle)

Wu Wei: Journey of the Changing Path
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Martial arts masters secretly train students while the emperor seeks to unite his people in this 60 minute board game for 2-6 players.

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Wu Wei Rulebook   |   Wu Wei BGG Page   |   Wu Wei Website   |   Previous Campaign

Lead your student on a journey to earn five animal cards while your master maintains your lineage marker and cultivates chi. Once you have all five animal cards and your lineage marker, you can move your student and master to the center octagon. The first player to do so has successfully passed on their martial arts lineage, and wins the game!

Meanwhile, one player represents the emperor, working to unify the empire by placing towers in the four corners of the board. As the empire expands, the emperor’s forces grow. Recruited generals give the emperor greater power and flexibility but the additional forces require vigilance and careful planning. Generals rely on the emperor or empress to create paths for them across unforgiving terrains. If the emperor places towers in the four corners before one of the other players has passed on their martial arts lineage, the emperor player wins, and only the emperor’s lineage will prevail.



Wu Wei: Journey of the Changing Path is played in a series of rounds. In each round, players take turns in clockwise order, beginning with the starting player. As the seasons change, a gathering will be triggered every winter, during which turn order is reassigned. The game continues in this way until one player wins.













Not only is there going to be a solo campaign but I have enlisted the help of Mike Mullins (a solo gaming enthusiast and experienced developer) to help me put the final touches on the solo version of the game. I'm really excited to have Mike on board. I've spent a lot of time with this game and if there's going to be a solo campaign, it's going to the best is can possibly be!  

"I'm elated to be a part of the development of Wu Wei. The multiplayer game translates incredibly well to solo play. The variable board setup, unique elemental abilities, and the difficulty level I insist upon will surely satisfy my fellow solo gamers." - Mike Mullins  

Mike Mullins is a longtime playtester and developer, best known for the creation of solo modes for games such as Castle Dice, Lagoon, and Compounded. He's the designer of Buttonshy's solo game Pentaquark, as well as the co-designer of Bottom of the 9th. He's also done solo modes for Fleet: Wharfside, Ahead in the Clouds, and Circle the Wagons and he's on the Board of Directors for Unpub, the Unpublished Games Network ( 


Undead Viking Videos Review

"Wu Wei presents the players with fun and interesting choices and it has a very open feel to it. I never felt hemmed in. I felt like I was on a journey with my student and master but I never felt like a had to go on a certain path. And ultimately, is the game fun? Yeah! It is a lot of fun! If you are a fan of the martial arts world and clever path finding games you should check this out." - Lance Myxter, Undead Viking Videos

Doug & Doug Gaming Play Through

We had WEI too much fun with this one *wink wink*... no but seriously, this is an amazing game and a must have for your collection! - Doug & Doug Gaming

GeekDad Preview

"Wu Wei is one of those games that will attract passersby at a convention just because it looks so elaborate when it’s all set up. If you’re a fan of abstract strategy or if you want to see a martial arts game that isn’t about flying kicks and throwing punches but digs deeper into the philosophy, Wu Wei is certainly worth checking out. It’s perhaps not a game for everyone—you do have to have patience learning the rules and how to read the board and trackers—but I think it is rewarding for those who are, ahem, disciplined enough to master it." - Jonathan Liu,

Preview from GeekDad by Jonathan Liu


"Wu Wei is a rare game with the elegance of an abstract, yet every detail contains deep meaning. Each game feels dynamic with a simple resource system ensuring that advantage flows between the players, and with three variants the game grows with your mastery of it. I've enjoyed the already beautiful prototype of Wu Wei and I can't wait to play the final gorgeous production." 

Teal Fristoe
Designer of Corporate America and Shadow Throne
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“Ever since I’ve known Justin he’s been passionate about Wu Wei. He’s poured his heart and soul into it, and the game reflects that. This game has spirit."

Ben Rosset
Co-designer of Between Two Cities
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